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Racine Masonic Center

  • 1012 Main Street
  • Racine, WI 53403
  • (262) 633-6658

Since the turn of the 20th Century, the Racine Masonic Center has been home to a growing number of masonic organizations in Racine, Wisconsin. The masonic lodges have been an important part of Racine since 1848 when Racine was incorporated as a city. Many city officials and city residents were part of the masonic organization. The mansion was the home of a local business man, Henry S. Durand, who built this grand residence in 1856 and lived there until 1890 when Otis Johnson purchased it. It was later acquired by Frederick Robinson who renovated it in 1906 and provided for the home to be sold to the local Freemasons. The mansion was deeded to the masons in 1922 and in 1923, the grand lodge rooms and dining facilities were added to the back of the mansion on the Wisconsin Avenue side. The temple portion was designed by local architect Edmund Funston. The Racine Masonic Center closed in November 2021.

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